Grants & Donations

Each year Cromhall Parish Council offers small grants to local groups or organiser of events/activities for Cromhall residents. The aim of this scheme is to support and promote an active community in Cromhall by providing financial support for community organisations working for the benefit of Cromhall residents, with the intention of improving the range of services and activities in the parish.

Terms and conditions apply.  These are set out in the Grants policy. An editable Grant application form can be downloaded and may be returned by email or in hard copy.

Some grants are made under the Local Government Act 1972 section 137, for which the Government sets a spending limit per year.


The s137 rate for 2024/25 is £10.81 per elector (x 637 electors = £6,886)

NameDetails Grant awarded s137?
FiveAliveBenefice newsletter £      300.00No
Cromhall Horticultural SocietyHire of marquee for Flower Show£      500.00No
Cromhall PCC – Tea @ 3 groupHall hire and contribution towards lunch outings £     265.00Yes


The s137 rate for 2023/24 was £9.93 per elector (x 637 electors = £6,325)

NameDetails Grant awarded s137?
FiveAliveBenefice newsletter £              330.00No
PC donation to local childrenCoronation mementos £              519.00Yes
Cromhall PCC – Tea @ 3 groupHall hire and contribution towards lunch outings £              155.00Yes
St Andrews PTASports equipment for St Andrew’s School £              738.21No
Cromhall Village ShopPurchase of coffee machine £              339.00Yes
Cromhall Horticultural SocietyCromhall Flower Show £              500.00Yes
Craft & Chat groupHall hire £              325.00No
Royal British LegionRemembrance wreath £                20.00Yes
TOTAL £           2,926.21
s137 total£1,533.00



The S137 rate for 2021/22 was £8.41 per elector

Cromhall Parish Council awarded grants on 9th February 2022 to:



Amount requested

Approved grant

Cromhall Horticultural SocietyHire of the marquee and materials to maintain the container£500.00£500.00
Benefice Newsletter (5Alive)Contribute to hard copy 5Alive to all households£300.00£300.00
Village Hall and Recreation Trust2 advertising banners to promote community events are being held in the hall£150.00£150.00
1st Woodend Scout GroupContribution towards drainage work for the Scout hall to address flooding£300.00£300.00


The S137 rate for 2020/21 was £8.32 per elector (x 625 = £5200.00)

Cromhall parish council awarded grants to:



Amount requested

Approved grant

St Peters HospiceDonation (accepted late application in March 2020 for 19/20 grant period although not paid until 20/21 financial year)Donation£500.00
Marie CurieDonation Donation£300.00
Benefice Newsletter (5Alive)Support for publication which is hand delivered to 300 homes in Cromhall£300.00£300.00
Severn Area Rescue AssociationCargo shelf guard to protect crew£276.00None
St Peters HospiceContribution to the ‘When it Matter’s Most’ fund offering support in this time of crisis.Donation£500.00
Royal British LegionDonation for wreathDonation£200.00


The S137 rate set by Government for 2019/20 is £8.12 per elector (x 604) = £4,904

Cromhall parish council awarded grants to:




Amount requested

Approved grants

St Andrews PTFAContribute to training on learn padsAll school children at St Andrews£400.00£400.00
Cromhall Horticultural SocietyHire of marquee for Flower show90% attendees from Cromhall£500.00£250.00
Benefice Newsletter (5Alive)Contribution to 5Alive publicationCromhall residents£300.00£300.00
T@3Hall hire and outingsCromhall senior citizens who are members£150.00£150.00
Royal British LegionPoppy appeal  £200.00
Village HallImproving access to disabled toiletsProvide suitable privacy or dignity for all users of the toilets£500.00£500.00


Grants awarded in previous years





Brandon Trust£174.00Contribution to trip to Legoland up to 8 children from GL12
Benefice Newsletter£300.00Contribution to 5Alive delivered to all Cromhall residents
Tea at 3£190.00Contribution to trip and hire benefiting senior citizens members in Cromhall
St Peters Hospice£100.00Hospice at home
Above and Beyond£200.00Contribution to chairs in Oncology
St Andrews PTFA£608.00waterproof gazebos benefits school children and public when used at events
Royal British Legion£200.00Poppy appeal


NameRequest forBenefitsAmountAgreed grant
Cromhall Flower showMarquees. Anyone attending£957.97£300.00
PTFA St Andrews school3 Benches on school playing fieldschool children and users of playing fields£750.00£500.00
T@3OutingCromhall senior citizens who are members£176.00£176.00
Cromhall Village Hall committeeHeating systemRange of Cromhall community users£5,000.00£300.00
Tortworth Forest CentreVolunteer days @ £450/day. Total £5400Anecdotal evidence suggests 4/5 locals per event£5,400.00£225.00
St Peters Hospice
Grant  £100.00
Royal British LegionPoppy Appeal  £200.00
Benefice newsletterNewsletterAll residents £300.00