This page provides information on all council policies



Asset Register 

Asset Register Cromhall 2022

Business plan and action plan

Business plan 21_23

Code of conduct adopted LGA model 

Local Government Association Model Councillor Code of Conduct


complaints procedure 2022

Condition of use of playing fields

Conditions for use of playing field

Current grant policy

Grant scheme 2021_22

Data protection

Data Protection Policy 2022

Delegated powers

Delegated powers to the clerk 2022

Disciplinary policy (model) 

Model Disciplinary Policy 2022

Email privacy

email contact privacy notice 2022

Equality policy

Equality-diversity-policy 2022
Financial Regulations financial-regulations 2022
Grievance Policy Model Grievance Policy 2022

Home working

Home working risk assessment

ICO registration certificate

ICO Registration Certificate to 200822

Model standing orders

Standing-orders 2022 updated SO18

Privacy notice


Privacy notice for residents and public

Privacy notice for residents and members of the general public 2022

Protocol for remote meetings

Cromhall pc Protocol for Remote Meetings 150620

Publication scheme

Publication Scheme 2022

Risk management

Risk Management Strategy and risk assessment 2022

Safeguarding statement

Cromhall safeguarding statement adopted

SLCC advice archiving

SLCC advice on Archiving documents


training and development policy 2022

Training Clerk

CPD clerk

Training Councillors

Training log councillors 2021