Viewing planning applications

You can use South Gloucestershire Council’s Planning website to:

  • search for planning applications, weekly lists of new applications, decisions, appeals and enforcement notices,
  • view plans and documents for undecided planning applications,
  • comment on planning applications that have not been decided.

For larger developments which are likely to affect a number of residents, details can also be found via our Significant Local Planning Applications page.

Parish Council responses to planning applications

The parish council is notified by South Glos. Council of all new planning applications within the parish area. These are normally considered at the next meeting of the parish council and a response agreed. The final decision on whether the application is approved is made by South Glos. Council.

Planning responses can only include what are known as “material considerations”, or matters which can actually be dealt with through the planning process.

Material considerations include things like the visual appearance and design of the development, highway safety, landscape or biodiversity issues, and impacts on local infrastructure.

Issues such as the loss of a view or a negative effect on the value of adjacent properties are NOT considered material, and the parish council will not be able to include such issues in its responses.

You can read more about what issues are considered by South Glos. Council when deciding planning applications on their website.

Occasionally, where a planning application notification is received just after a council meeting, there may not be time for it to be left until the next regular meeting. In that case, a decision is either taken by the Clerk (with advice from councillors) or an extra council meeting will be arranged.