Council funding

Precept and budget setting

Each year Cromhall parish council is required to approve a budget and set the precept amount for the coming year. The precept (the PC’s share of council tax) is then collected on our behalf by South Glos. Council and is our main source of funding to run council services. 

The precept received for the current year, 2023/24, was £23,941. This equates to £75.05 for an average size (Band D) property. The budget on which this amount is based can be found here: Approved budget 22_23.

The council regularly monitors spending against the budget and may make minor amendments through the year as circumstances change.

The council has set the precept for next year, 2024/25, at £23,947. Since the number of properties paying council tax has increased slightly since the previous year, this means that the average (Band D) property will pay £74.83 for the year. The associated budget can be found here: Approved budget 2024-25

Other funding sources

The council sometimes receives funding from other sources, mainly the Community Infrastructure Levy, though the amount received varies a lot depending on the level of recent development in the parish.

We have also received some grant funding in recent years, which has been used towards larger purchases such as the two defibrillators.

Money received is noted in the financial information published with each meeting agenda, and in the minutes of council meetings.