Message from Ward Cllr O’Neill regarding council tax rebate

A number of people have contacted us because they are concerned about a letter they have received regarding the council tax rebate. It has a long web address on it starting and people are either concerned it is a scam or they are having trouble entering the long web address.

We took these concerns up with the Head of Financial Services at the council. These letters are genuine and are going out to anyone who is eligible for the rebate and does not pay be Direct Debit. Those who pay by Direct Debit will receive the payment automatically in their bank account and will not receive any letters.

The council appreciates that the web address is difficult to enter accurately because it is so long and has asked the software provider for a short web address but they have declined to provide one. Instead the council is going to create a page on the council website with the long link on it and use the address for that page in future letters.

Help is available at the Council’s One Stop Shops for anyone

Many thanks


John O’Neill

Councillor for the Charfield Ward

Tel 07415 377748  or 07736 481424