Keep Cromhall tidy

Message from Cllr Daly

Cllr Daly and rubbish

Over the last 4 weeks I have calculated that over 60 bags of mixed waste and litter from the village has been collected from the end of the Tortworth Road and Bristol Road to the Wickwar junction.



Together with general litter the following has been removed:

5 x wheel trims,

1 x car parcel shelf,

1 x TV, 1 x car radiator,

1 x car wheel and tyre,

4 x damage road traffic cones

And in Woodend lane there were over 30 vodka bottles collected!!

rubbish collected




In the last 2 weeks alone there have been 2 fly tipping episodes which were reported to South Gloucestershire Council using the Report it function at and they reacted very quickly to remove the piles of waste left. 

Thank you to everyone who helped especially around the half term time and I think everyone will agree that the roadsides are looking how they should.  Let’s all help keep Cromhall litter free.

bags of rubbish