Consultation on introduction of bookings for Sort It centres

South Glos. Council (SGC) have opened a consultation on changes to the management of their Sort It recycling centres. The existing system (based on automatic number plate recognition) is not fit for purpose and so SGC have decided that they need to replace it with a new booking system to allow them to record DIY waste (such as rubble, plasterboard, soil and tiles) being disposed of at our sites.

Whilst the driver for introducing a booking system at this time is the change in legislation, booking systems introduced in other areas of the country have proven popular with residents because they have led to:
– Reduced congestion on site and in surrounding areas,
– Better customer experience with fewer people on site, making it easier to park,
– Better control over who uses the sites,
– Increased recycling rates.

Through this engagement survey, SGC want to explain how such a scheme could work and give you an opportunity to provide feedback.

Please note this is posted for residents’ information only. The parish council is not involved in the survey or the running of the Sort It centres. Any comments should be made to SGC via the above linked page.