Children and Young People’s Mental Health Webinar Series: what’s on in week one (1st-7th Feb)

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Week One Presenters

Nova Associates




Attention Seekers

Creative Youth Network

  • Introduction to Emotional Fitness (2/2/21 15.30-16.30) – Will look at what mental health is and the most common mental health concerns for young people. It will explain emotional fitness and how you can bring it into your life and guide the young people you are working with
  • Colour my Life (2/2/21 16.30-17.30) – Art themed session teaching young people (aged 10+) to acknowledge and express thoughts, feelings and emotions through doodling
  • Resilience & How to Promote it (3/2/21 10.00-11.00) – The webinar will discuss the theory and practice of Resilience Lab with practical tips on strengthening your own resilience as well as supporting young people you work with
  • Hype Blog (3/2/21 14.00-15.00) – The workshop will give participants the knowledge and confidence to introduce blogging to young people as a form of peer support, self-help and creativity
  • Engaging Hard to Reach Young People Through Creativity (4/2/21 11.00-12.00) – This webinar is aiming to challenge the concept of any young person being hard to reach and instead focus on why they are easy to ignore
  • Anxiety in 5-11yr olds (4/2/21 12.00-13.00) – The webinar focuses on recognising and helping children with anxiety
  • Creative YOU (5/2/21 11.00-12.00) – This session will focus on how Creative Youth Network uses creativity to improve the resilience and wellbeing of young people
  • Attention Seeking or Something More (5/2/21 13.00-14.00) – The webinar will provide an understanding of self-harm behaviours, their functions and also how to support a child or young person who may be self-harming
  • Hype Blog Young Person Session (5/2/21 16.00-17.00) – The workshop will inspire creativity, new ideas and a community of peer support.

For more information and to book: Mind You

We look forward to seeing you there but if you have any questions please contact the Public Health Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Team at

Rebecca Loaring 01454 864181

Emma Hoggett 01454 868787