Budget and council tax share published

Cromhall Parish Council have approved their budget for the year from 1st April 2024. The council is mainly funded by the ‘precept’, which is collected on our behalf by South Glos. Council as part of your council tax.

The total precept for Cromhall PC for the coming year is £23,497. This equates to a charge of £74.83 for an average size (Band D) property – a slight decrease on last year’s amount.

You can see the budget in detail on the Finance/Council Funding page.

Varley Farm Solar Farm approved

Despite the objections of a large number of residents, supported by the Parish Council, South Glos. Council (SGC) has decided to approve the application for development of a solar farm on land at Varley Farm, Talbots End. You can read the decision notice here.

The parish council wishes to commend the many residents who have put forward their views on this application to SGC or attended the committee meeting at which the decision was made. Planning decisions may not always go the way we might wish, but it is still important that local people have chance to have their opinions heard in a democratic way.